Forget me not wreath

ForgetMeNot plants symbolize faithful love and memories. The forget-me-not flower and dementia are linked in the most beautiful way. While dementia causes a decline in memory and cognitive function, the forget-me-not flower symbolizes the not wanting to be forgotten and not wanting to forget, especially by their loved ones. We designed this wreath for a Care Home and it now has pride of place on the wall to remind everyone that they will not be forgotten.

This step-by-step picture tutorial is easy to follow, so grab your supplies and let’s go.

Here’s what you need

wreath  25cm diameter (We got ours here from Hobbycraft)





strong glue (and pva glue to seal the paint) We love this glue from Wilko’s



crochet hooks (4mm & 5mm)



Here’s what you do

The first thing you need to do is prepare the wreath. It will need to be completely dry before you add the flowers and leaves. Always protect your working surface. If you have a craft cutting mat, this is perfect, however an old newspaper or plastic tablecloth are great too. We used acrylic paint on our wreath. It will give you a good coverage and is easy to work with.

Paint a generous layer on the top side of the wreath. The main thing here is to make sure you can’t see any white. It actually doesn’t need to be too neat as texture will add to the overall effect. Set it to one side to dry completely before painting the back. This is really important as the paint will lift off and make a mess if it’s still wet.

Once it is dry on both sides, it’s a good idea to seal the wreath with PVA glue. The process is the same as painting and you need to work on one side first, allowing it to dry before working on the other. This process will stop the paint flaking or marking your surface.

Once your wreath is complete, you can start on the flowers. These are crochet and very quick to make. For our flowers, we used UK double knit wool and a 5mm crochet hook. This gave the flowers a more open weave look. If you want yours to be closer weave, use a 4mm hook but note that the flowers will be smaller and you will need to make more of them.

  • stitch = stitch
  • yo = yarn over
  • ch = chain (yo, pull through)
  • sl st = slip stitch (insert hook, yo, pull through both loops)
  • dc = double crochet (insert hook, yo pull through, yo pull through both loops)
  • htr = half treble  (yo, insert hook, yo pull through, yo pull through all 3 loops)
  • tr = treble (yo, insert hook, yo pull through, yo pull through 2 loops, yo pull through both loops)
  • dtr = double treble (yo twice, insert hook,  yo pull through, yo pull through 2 loops, yo pull through 2 loops, yo pull through both loops

Using a 5mm hook, make a magic ring. If you haven’t yet mastered the magic ring, don’t worry, you can make the centre circle by working 4 or 5 chains and slip stitching into the first chain to close and make the circle. If you do use this method, you will be left with a hole in the centre of your flower. You can then choose to leave the hole or sew it closed.

Work 10 dc stitches into the centre of the magic ring or chain ring (depending on the starting method you used)

Close this centre round by working a sl st into the 1st dc of the round. Cut off yarn and pull through to secure.

To start the petal round insert your hook into the stitch to the left of the slip stitch from the previous round.

Wrap your petal coloured yarn around the hook and pull through. Make sure you leave enough yarn so that it doesn’t pull through when you start this round.

There are 10 stitches from the previous round. As we are making 5 petals, we will work the petal sequence in every other stitch.

The next stitch is the petal. All the petals are worked in the same way and are formed from 5 stiches worked in the same stitch. The sequence is (1htr, 1tr, 1dtr, 1tr, 1htr) all worked in the next stitch.

To pull the petal down into shape, work a l st into the next stitch.

Work the squence for the 2nd petal in the next stitch. Then sl st into the next stitch.

Continue working around the round with petal sequence, then sl st until you have worked all 5 petals .

Finish with the 5th petal and then close the round with a sl st in to bottom of the 1st petal.

Cut your yarn and pull through to secure.

Turn the flower over so that you can see the back. Pull the centre coloured ends together so that it closes the hole.

Tie the two ends together with a double knot.

Now tie the two petal strands together. Make sure that the knot is at the back of the flower so that it will be diguised.

Using a wool darning needle, weave in all the ends and cut off any visible ends.

Your flower is now complete. You need to make a total of about 42 flowers for this size wreath. The amount you need may differ as everyones tension is slightly different.

Your wreath will look amazing with just the Forget me not flowers , but we wanted to add some leaves to ours.Using a 4mm hook, take your chosen colour and make a slip knot. A 4mm hook is used for the leaves so that the spaces between the stitches are smaller.

Not including the stitch on the hook, work 12 chains.

The leaf is created along this 12 chain using a variety of different height stitches. First, to create the top of the leaf, work a sl st into the 2nd stitch from the hook.

Work the following sequence back along the chain. (1dc, 1htr, 1tr, 1tr, 1tr, 1tr, 1tr, 1htr, 1dc) Slip stitch in the final stitch to finish the leaf.

You can see that the different height stitches form the shape of the leaf.

Break off the yarn and pull through, Tie these two ends together to secure.

Weave the ends in the neaten and complete the leaf. It depends on the look you want achieve on your wreath as to how many leaves you need. We dotted them around here and there and made a total of 25.

You now have your flowers and leaves and it’s time to prepare them so you can attach them to the wreath. So that the pins stay in place, it is advisable to glue them to the flower and beads.

You will need to use a bead that has a smaller hole than the head of the bead or the pin will slip through. Thread the bead on the pin.

Squeeze a generous amount of strong glue on the centre of the flower. An all purpose adhesive is perfect for this, just make sure that it’s a clear drying one so that it won’t show.

Thread the pin with the bead through the centre of the flower pressing it hard against the glue for a good fix.

When selecting the pins, they need to be long enough to go almost all the way through the wreath.

The leaves will be added in the same way. However as the stitches are larger, you may find it easier to use small discs instead of beads. Don’t worry if you only have beads, they will be fine as long as you glue them on well.

Add the pins to the bottom of the leaf. It is the flatter fatter end.

Attach all the pins to the flowers and leaves and set aside to dry completely. The key to this project is patience. If you can, it’s a good idea to do a step, go away and do something else and come back for the next step once it’s dry.

To attach the flowers to the wreath, a good idea is to place a layer around the very top of the wreath. This will make it easier to add the rest of the flowers. We added 14 flowers on top of ours. You can place them closer together or further apart depending on the look you are creating. As you have painted the wreath green, it doesn’t really matter if you see it though the flowers.

Once you are happy with the positon of the flowers, add the inner layer. Place them in between the top layer flowers as it will create a nice effect and be neater. We only used 10 flowers for this inner section as it is smaller than the top.

For the outer or bottom layer, you will need more flowers as the area you need to cover is bigger. We used 18 for our outer layer. Again it is a good idea to place them in between the top layer flowers. You can see now why we added the top layer first as it is a useful guide for the others.

Your wreath now has it flowers. You can leave it like that if you prefer. Once you are completely happy with the position of your flowers, it is advisable to glue them in place. Carefully pull away the petals and dab a generous amount of glue underneath, around the centre, and press down hard. If you prefer you can carefully remove the flowers one at a time, add the glue to the bottom and pin shaft and push back in place.

If you have made leaves, now is the time to add them to the wreath. Place them under the petals to hide the beads. Make sure they are glued in well too so that they can’t be pulled out.

Your wreath is now finished and can be hung on the wall.

A truly beautiful reminder for the special person in your life that they are always on your mind.

If you don’t want to make it all one colour, how about using all your scraps of wool up. A rainbow wreath would be gorgeous and we are already running to grab our supplies to make one!

We love seeing your creations so don’t forget to tag us in your makes #CraftyCoCreations

Happy Crafting

The Crafty Co


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