Easy fix for your Granny Squares

No matter what crochet hole you have found in your granny square, The Crafty Co has the solution you need to fix it.  

Granny blankets have made a huge comeback in recent years.
With many having been made by relatives that are sadly no longer with us.
They hold a special place in our hearts as with anything hand crafted, they have been made with time and love.
Imagine the horror when one of these heirlooms is in need of repair.
They are packed away to preserve them and stop the damage getting worse.
It may be for their own good, but it is sad that no-one gets to wrap themselves up in it’s love.
Or, just see it adorning the back of a sofa for all to drool over.
How amazing would it be if you could repair granny’s special blanket or Aunties vintage afghan?
At the Crafty Co we love nothing better than recycling or bringing old favourites back to life. So, they can live on for many years to come.

We have created several tutorials that we hope you will find useful.

Repairing a hole in your blanket:

This could be due to joins unravelling, or just the every day stress these blankets are put under.
You wouldn’t believe what these poor guys have to endure.
From being dragged around on the floor,  turned into roofs for little dens, food finger napkins on a picnic,  to your pooch sneaking a quick five minute snooze on them.
It’s no wonder that sometimes they retaliate and pop a stitch or two.

Finding a missed stitch:

This is a common and probably the most annoying problem.

You have spent a week…… ok ok, maybe an hour or so, crocheting a huge round in your blanket, only to find that you have missed a stitch on the previous round.

You could if you fancy, or have time to waste, frog it (fancy term for unpicking) rippit, rippit,….. get it ?

Or you could watch this tutorial.  It will save you loads of time.

But, more importantly your sanity, from having to crochet something that you have already spent ages on.

Removing the centre section:

This one is a more drastic problem.
Imagine you have extensive damage to the centre of your blanket.
This could be due again to all of the above.
A common problem is that a different type of wool has been used and reacted differently in the wash.
This results in it shrinking and pulling the blanket out of shape.
Something that was once so beautiful, looks ragged and ready to throw in the towel, we mean blanket.

This is a very scary video and you have been warned!

You will witness the heart of the blanket being ripped out.

How good will you feel though when you have breathed new life back into it?

These tutorials are not for the fainthearted and you will make your blankets look worse before you make them look better.

With a bit of time and patience, you can live with the knowledge that you have saved them from a life of darkness or claustrophobia, packed away, never to see the light of day again.

Hope you have fun …… no we really mean it and if you have any questions, just ask
You can find these and other useful tips and tutorials on our You Tube here:
Good Luck
The Crafty Co



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