DIY Wallpaper Art

Have you got any scraps of wallpaper  ?

The Crafty Co just loves creating new things from items that are heading to the bin.

With a little bit of time we made these gorgeous pics from leftover wallpaper.

This is a perfect project for a rainy day and you can create something that is unique to you.

DIY stores have some amazing wallpapers in stock. Some however, may be too bold or bright for a whole wall.

Look at them from a different angle to see if you can use part of the print to create a wall hanging.

Although there are many different kind of paints on the market, we personally love using Valspar.

If offers a huge and we mean huge range of colours.

The large tins are fairly expensive, but you can get a decent size tester pot at a reasonable price.

They go a long way and don’t take up too much storage space, which means we can have a huge array of colours on our shelf.





Now let’s get started.

Here’s what you need.


Scraps of wallpaper


paint and paintbrush



tape measure or rule

an old sheet to protect surfaces

a hanger and screws (to fix on the wall)



Here’s what you do

Select a piece of wallpaper that has a nice image.

The great thing here is, you can match it to your colour scheme.

Decide what shape you want your art to be.

We chose to do a square as on inspection of the pattern repeat, we could get one of each photo in the pic.



Measure the size and cut a piece of MDF to fit.

12mm MDF is a good thickness as it’s not too heavy and gives a nice depth to the panel.

It’s a great chance to use up any scraps of wood you have so don’t worry if your wood is a different thickness.

We got ours cut at our local DIY store, but if you are cutting at home, make sure you take all the necessary precautions when working with MDF.

For this particular print, we didn’t want a black edge around the print on the front of the panel, so we measured the width and got the panel cut to match exactly.

You could add the wallpaper to bare MDF if this is the look you want.

However, we did want black panel edges, not only to give the print depth, but to make it look professional.

The first thing you need to do is paint all the edges.


To save money and paint, paint a border on the front and not the whole panel.

This is just in case your paper doesn’t fit exactly and it will hide any imperfections.

It is an idea to balance the painted panel onto some books or a box to dry.

This will stop the panel sticking to the protective sheet.


Leave the panel to dry completely.

Don’t be tempted to rush this part as you will get paint on your wallpaper and ruin it.

If you wish you can paint the back of the panel.

This is a personal choice. It gives a nice finish, but does use up much more paint.

If you do decide to paint it, make sure you leave it a while before you hang it or it will leave marks on your wall.


Once the panel is completely dry it is now time to add the photo to the front.

To prepare the surface spread an even layer of pva glue on the front of the panel.

Make sure it’s even but not too thick as the wallpaper will absorb it and may stretch.

The glue should go right to the edge to ensure the wallpaper lays nice and flat.


Next, place the wallpaper onto the front of the panel, making sure that the sides are even and line up.

If you decided to leave a border around your picture, make sure it’s central with the same size border on all four sides.

We worked from the centre out to eliminate any bubbles.

A good tip is to use a soft clean cloth to rub over the panel releasing any air that may be trapped.

Be careful if you are wearing jewellery as this may scratch or tear the wallpaper.


It is a good idea to let the glue dry before trimming the picture.

If it is slightly damp you will not get a clean cut.

We had two options to finish the ends.

We could either wrap the paper over the ends so the picture continued over the edge.

Or trim the paper to the top edge of the panel.

We chose to wrap the paper over the ends.

To do this method, turn the panel over.

Next glue the end of the panel.¬† Don’t worry if you get it on the paper.

Just make sure that it’s not too wet or it will stretch out of shape.



Carefully crease the paper over the front edge to leave a crisp edge.

Press all along to edge so that is stuck down securely.

Leave it to dry for a while and then carefull cut off the excess wallpaper.

Do this for both ends.


Once you have done both ends, turn the panel over to check that you are happy with it.

This is an example of leaving a border around the picture.


So that the panel can be hung on the wall, a hanger is added to the back.

Turn the panel over and measure the centre point towards the top of the panel.

Mark this with a pencil.



Check that the top of the hanger is below the top of the panel as you don’t want it to show once hung.

When selecting a screw for the hanger, make sure it is the right depth as you don’ want it to come through the front of the panel.


Once you are happy with the position, screw the hanger in place.


Now all you need to do is decide where you want your masterpiece to go.


Here are some more that we made




These ones were all made individually from the same roll.

We cut them slightly smaller than the panel so they had a border around them to make them look part of a set.

There are some amazing wallpapers on the market that would be great for this project.

If you are stuck for Christmas presents, these would make ideal gifts.

So next time you are in a hardware store, take a look at the wallpaper section and let your imagination run wild.

We love seeing your creations so please tag us so we can admire your work.


Happy Crafting

The Crafty Co





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