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 colouring bookmarks

Anyone in isolation right now will probably have reached the point where they are starting to climb the walls a little. Those in isolation with small children will undoubtedly be high up on the ceiling living a life that is now permanently upside down. Whilst it’s great that you have all this extra family time on your hands, no one, and we mean no one, would judge you right now if you’re beloved little ones were starting to drive you mad. Especially if you’re unable to get to shops, parks and play centres that are usually your go-to’s for something to distract their attention.


But fear not, we have a whole section here on The Crafty Co to help you keep them entertained (and to help you have a minute’s peace to enjoy a cup of tea too).


For today, hopefully we can bide you enough time to maybe even enjoy a biscuit with the tea over the Easter weekend. With these hand-drawn colouring bookmark sheets, you don’t have to worry about finding your way to one of the frantic supermarkets, nor leave the house unnecessarily.  Instead, you can print off one of our designs to colour. You’ll use hardly any ink, have educational benefits included is an Easter-themed page.   You could even print off an extra one for yourself because there’s no doubt you could probably use a little calming colouring right now!


You can find the download PDF’s here.

Click to download Transport Bookmarks Colouring

bookmark colouring page

Click to download Dolls-And-Flowers Colouring  easter bookmark colouring page

Click to download Easter-Bookmarks Colouring letter shapes bookmark colouring page

Click to download Letters-Shapes Bookmarks Colouring  mum dad bookmark colouring page

Click to download Mum Dad Bookmarks Colouring


All you need to do is click on the download, print and colour away (you or the children). If you are making them without a backing card, use the thickest card your printer will take. You can also print them on paper and add them to card after.  This is ideal as paper is much cheaper and if a mistake is made, just print off some more.

Colouring bookmarks

To turn them into bookmarks just cut them out.  Always make sure that an adult is present at the cutting stage as safety is important.

Add glue or double-sided sticky tape on the reverse of the bookmark.

bookmark tutorial

Place the bookmark on card leaving a gap around the edge.

bookmark tutorial

Cut evenly around the edge. This will make the bookmark stronger and you can always add a different picture on the other side.

These really are quick and easy to make.

If there are any designs you want to see just let us know and we will get creating.

Please tag us in your kids’ creation so we share them on our feed to @TheCraftyCo

Happy Colouring

The Crafty Co



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