Easy Christmas Pudding Pom Pom tutorial

christmas pudding pom pom

Look at these adorable Christmas puddings!

They are super quick to make and a great project for a cold Winters afternoon.

Let’s get started.

Here’s what you need

  • A pom pom maker (we love this Hobbycraft set, a bargain for £5!)
  • glue (we used  a clear all-purpose glue)
  • scissors (these need to have a sharp point to cut the wool so adult supervision will be required)
  • wool (you can use any thickness and it’s a great way to use up all your scraps)
  • cotton yarn or string (this is used to tie the pom pom)
  • red beads or mini pom poms for the berries
  • pipe cleaners

At The Crafty Co, we own lots of pom pom makers.

All of them are great but for this project we have chosen the Hobbycraft set

Materials for pom pom pudding

Here’s what you do

Decide how big you want your pudding and select the size pom pom maker you need. The method for making the pudding is the same for all the sizes of makers. Place your maker together so that the holes on one side line up with the bobbles on the other.

pom pom tutorial

Start wrapping the pudding colour wool around one side of the maker. We wrapped two strands at the same time so that it was quicker, but you can work with one strand if you prefer.  You will need to make a note of how many times you wrap the wool around this side. If you can make the number divisible by four, it will be easier to calculate the second side but don’t worry too much if not. To make the pudding pom neat, start at one side of the maker and work evenly to the other. Then work back evenly the other way. Left to right, then right to left and so on.

how to wind a pom pom

Keep winding until you get to the top edge. Don’t go above the edge or you will find it hard to tie off the pom pom.

how to wind a pom pom

Now you have completed the bottom of the pudding you need to make the icing. The icing covers 3/4 of this side.  This is where you roughly need to calculate how many times you need to wrap your icing colour. For example, if you wound 80 times around the first side, you need to work out 3/4 of that figure. 80 divided by 4 X 3 = 60 (that will give you the 3/4 total. Wrap the icing coloured wool for 3/4 of the second side.

how to wind a pom pom

Wind the remaining quarter with the pudding colour wool. Again don’t go above the top edge. Once wound, close the marker and secure with the clips. These will stop the maker popping open as you cut the strands.

how to wind a christmas pudding pom pom

Using a sharp ended pair of scissors. (AN ADULT MUST COMPLETE THIS PART) cut the strands around the centre, between the two sides of the maker.

how to wind a christmas pudding pom pom

To create the pom pom, wrap a length of cotton yarn or string around the centre of the maker.  You can use acrylic wool but it tends to break if you pull it tight.  Pom poms need to be pulled tight so that they don’t come undone. If you can try, and get the strands in the centre of the icing at the top. The pudding will hang nice and straight.

how to wind a christmas pudding pom pom

Once your knot is secure, carefully open the maker and tease it gently away from the pom pom. Don’t be tempted to yank it or your strands will fall out.

how to wind a christmas pudding pom pom

Once your pom pom is free, you may need to give it a quick trim to neaten the pudding. Use a sharp pair of scissors and trim a bit at a time. Keep checking your progress or you may end up with a wonky pom.

how to wind a christmas pudding pom pom

The holly is made from pipe cleaners and it will depend how big your puddings are as to how long your pipe cleaner needs to be. For the small puddings, you need roughly a 1/4 of a pipe cleaner.  This part is a bit of trial and error. Once you have found the length you are happy with it’s a good idea to write it down in a notebook for future reference.

how to wind a christmas pudding pom pom

Once you have the length you want, create a circle by wrapping the ends over each other to secure. Please note in the pic below there are two pieces of holly for two puddings.

adding holly to a christmas pudding pom pom

Twist the centre of the circle to create a bow shape.

adding holly to a christmas pudding pom pom

Pinch each end of the pipe cleaner to form a holly shape.  If you are making a bigger pudding and using a whole pipe cleaner, you can form the shape of a holly leaf.

how to form the holly shape for the pim pom christmas pudding

To add the holly to the pudding, separate the two strands of yarn you used to tie off the pudding. Tie a double knot over the holly to hold it in place.

adding holly to a christmas pudding pom pom

Add some berries to your holly by using small ready-made pom poms or red beads. Use a strong glue and make sure they are secure. These decorations are not suitable for children.

adding berries to a christmas pudding pom pom

Once dry, your pudding is now ready to be hung.

christmas pudding pom pom

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Happy crafting

The Crafty Co


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