A quick and easy Gift Wallet guide

Need a last minute money or gift card wallet.

No worries, we have one that you can whip up in no time. Giving a physical gift for special occasions is becoming a thing of the past. People want to choose their own presents, so when asked what they would like for their birthday or Christmas, the reply is often “money please”.

It doesn’t look very exciting when you open a card and notes fall out. If you tuck them safely inside these wallets and put them inside the card, it’s like opening a pressie. Okay, so they know there’s probably money inside, but it shows that you made the effort on their special day. Instead of just stuffing some money in at the last minute, it looks like it was planned and you gave some thought to it.

Here’s what you’ll need


Card or thick paper

ruler or straight edge

glue and double sided tape


templates (download the PDF’s below)

Gift Card Wallet Template PDF

Money Wallet Template PDF



Print off the templates using the thickest card your printer will take. It doesn’t have to be white, any colour will do as long as it’s not too dark or you won’t see the lines.



Once you printed them off, carefully cut around the outside of the templates. Adult supervision is required when using sharp scissors.



Place the template on your chosen card or paper. We are using a thick paper that has a pattern on both sides. These are great to use as the inside of the envelope or wallet has a pattern too.

It doesn’t matter if yours isn’t double sided as you can write a message on the inside to personalise yours. A top tip is to use a pencil to draw round the templete. You will be able to rub out any visible marks once you have finished making them.



Cut the wallet or envelope out, along the pencil lines. Try to be as acurate as you can with this part.



If you have a scorer tool you can use it to make the fold easier. Line up a ruler or straight edge along one of the side flaps. You can use the template as a guide. This will show you where the folds should be made and are indicated as dotted lines.



Using the scorer, run it along the edge of the ruler. If you haven’t got a tool, fold up the flap against the flat edge of the ruler.



Do the same for the other 3 flaps.



That’s basically it – how easy is that ?

All we need to do now is stick down the flaps and add some tape so we can close the wallet or envelope. Spread an even layer of glue along the edge of the inside of the bottom flap. You can use double sided tape if you like, but it needs to be thin or it may stick to the inside of the wallet and you won’t be able open it.




Making sure that the side flaps have been folded inwards, press the bottom flap firmly in place.



The finish the wallet or envelope we need to add some tape so that we can close it once the money or gift card has been put it. To make it look more professional, when adding the tape, make sure that is goes right up to edge of the sides. It will overlap but we can cut that off.



Cut off any excess tape. It is easier if you have the right side facing so that you can cut it nice and close to make it neat.



All you need to do now is insert the gift card and pop it in their birthday card. Sure, they will know what it is but they will love the fact that you took the time to make something just for them.



To make the money envelope you will be able to get it out of one piece of A4 card or paper.



We have designed the money wallet so that it fits up to a £50 note.




As you know, here at The Crafty Co we LOVE to recycle and are always looking to change the use of something. A lot of stores nowadays give out gorgeous paper bags. Take a look below and see how we transformed this store bag into gift wallets and envelopes.



On inside of this bag was a gorgeous pattern. We carefully opened it out and selected the pieces that didn’t have any folds. The outside of the bag was black and this gave a fab contrast to the design.

The best thing of all is, it didn’t cost a penny.


These make great gifts too. How about making a set and giving them as a tree present.


Go on – have a try, they really are super quick and easy. You could make a selection just for you, so that you will have one to hand for those special occasions.


We love seeing your creations so don’t forget to tag us in your makes #CraftyCoCreations


Happy Crafting


The Crafty Co


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