How to keep a bullet journal when on lockdown

Bullet journal – the journaling that has taken the crafting world by storm and for good reason too. It’s a great way to organise To-do lists, create solid plans and even offers a safe place to release the thoughts going around inside your head. It’s a simple task, with a truly effective impact. You can find our intro guide to creating a bullet journal here.

Journaling through the lockdown

With everything happening in the world right now, you may feel the need to release your thoughts more than usual… and to keep your hands busy too. But with lockdown fully in place, you might be worried that you don’t have the supplies to create your dream journal. There’s a perception that to be able to journal, you need floor-to-ceiling papercraft storage, a whole toolbox of stationary and professional calligraphy practice. Something that simply isn’t true! 

I remember that I was put off journaling whilst I was travelling because I didn’t have any of the ‘stuff’ I thought I needed. I’d left my bullet journal toolbox at home, it just didn’t seem fathomable that I could take any of it with me, let alone journal on the road. Of course, I could scribble some words on paper. But, to me, the appeal of bullet journaling was making it pretty and I needed a whole suitcase of supplies to be able to that. At least, that’s what I thought. 

Journaling with limited tools

In desperate need of organisation, some meditative writing and an element of designing I headed to the shops and purchased a blank page notebook. I was on a budget, so my weapons of choice were simply some coloured pens, glue and scissors. True basic crafting! I also wanted something to make the pages pop, so I picked up a cheap sticker book to offer a bit of flair. But, the real secret, was in a free interior design magazine I picked up from a local cafe. Pages and pages of colours, shapes and inspiring decor that together created a beautiful magazine, but chopped up, made even better compliment for my journal. All supplies you will undoubtedly have lying around your home!

I began cutting, sticking and writing and within an hour I had a clear perspective of my intentions, had my entire week organised and had a new sense of satisfaction from finally getting to release my creativity onto a page. All it took was a notebook, magazine and a small pencil case and I was bullet journaling. 

I realised that I had put myself off attempting the task on the road because I had an idea of how it should be completed. In reality, it looked as good as any other journaling I had done. Plus it was just as helpful and actually far more enjoyable. Essentially, if I can journal on the road, you can journal without being able to head to your local craft store to stock up on supplies. And, you can create some pretty spectacular designs too.

All you need is the following:

– Old magazines you no longer need

– Any old paper (this could be wrapping paper, newspaper or the backs of boxes – be creative!)

– Basic kit of scissors, glue and pens

– A kettle to make you a cuppa whilst you create!

It’s a tough time in the world right now. Whilst it’s paramount for our safety to be kept in doors, there’s no denying this very instruction is tough on our mental wellbeing too. It’s important we fill the extra spare time wisely. Now that you know you have the tools, you can put your journals to good use and organise your days.

Here are some ideas for your bullet journal:

  • What do you need to organise?
  • How can you track your mood?
  • What have you been putting off due to a busy schedule?
  • Create a habit tracker
  • What new hobbies would you like to learn?
  • How are you going to budget?
  • What books/films/podcasts have you been meaning to read/watch/listen to
  • Do you have any intentions for the future?

For more ideas, head to our bullet journal blogs here

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