How to make bauble bunting

Bunting is a fab little project to add a bit of luxury to your birthday decorations.

Bunting can be made from any shape which means you can personalise it to the theme of your celebration.

When making any form of bunting, I personally think it gives a more professional look if both sides of the bunting look good. That way you don’t have to display it against something solid and it can be hung in the centre of the room for all to see.

These ones are made from glitter card and the toppers are cut using holographic silver card. I glued them and held them together until they dried with pegs.
You can then add any embellishment you like on the front to give them your own personal touch. The ones below are made with foam.
I used die cut letters in black card to create a Happy Birthday banner:
They would be great to personalise for any occasion.
You could have a field day decorating them with a Christmas theme.
If you don’t own a die cutting machine, you can make your own template.  The great thing with this, is no-one else will have exactly the same.
Old cereal boxes are ideal as they are sturdy and will stand up to being used lots of times.
Open the box carefully and draw your template of the inside.
The easist template to make is one where you can draw round an object.
If you want to make bauble shaped bunting use a mug or saucer and draw round it.

Before you cut it out, you need to create a hanger on the bauble.

I used two coins. Make sure that one is bigger than the other.

Place the coin so that it creates a mound and draw from one side where it meets the bauble to the other side.



Use the smaller coin to create a loop shape.


Cut out the shape, taking extra care with the hanging loop.



It is best to place the template on the reverse of your paper or card.

If you are working with a pattern though, it is easier to line up the pattern if you place the template on the front.

If you do this, make sure you cut inside the line so that you don’t see any marks.

A good idea is to use a pencil so that you can rub out any lines that show.


Cut them out and if you want double sided bunting, stick wrong sides together.
You can use the same design on each side or a different one.
This is good if you have a boy and a girl sharing a party.
Boy themed one side and girl the other. You could always alternate the baubles too.



The football design is random, so I was able to use the template on the back of the card.


Cut out all the baubles you need


Attach a length of cord or ribbon and hang up for all to admire.


You can make all sorts of shapes. Triangles makes great bunting.




There are a couple of ways that you can attach them.

Use a hole punch on the top two corners of each flag.




You can also make double sided bunting. Fold a piece of card or paper in half.





Lay the triangle template down so that the top is on the crease.



To glue the flag together you can used double sided sticky tape.
If you prefer you can use a wet glue, just make sure you peg them together whilst the glue is drying.
Insert the string or ribbon at the top in the crease. Fold over and stick down.

You can now let your imagination run wild and embellish your bunting.

3D embellishments add dimension to your bunting.

You can make it as long as you need.

This is an inexpensive way to personalise your party or home.
As it is cost effective, you can keep changing the bunting to suit your mood.
It’s a super project for a rainy day and suitable for all.
Adult supervision is required for cutting out the shapes.
Why not give bunting a go.
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Happy Crafting
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