How to do seamless joining

Seamless joining can be a tricky challenge.

For years, when joining yarn I would knot the two ends together tightly.

I hoped that when the knot had been worked passed, it would fall in the right place and not show too much.

It never really did and even after the ends had been sewn in, it would show slightly.


I then came up with the solution to do the opposite and work with a really loose knot.

 The results were amazing and you too can achieve this effect as below.
Don’t worry when you come to the end of your ball of wool.
Make sure you leave enough yarn so that when you join the next piece, there is a good length for you to work with and sew in
In the pic below I have tied a loose knot:
Continue with your row and work past the knot.
As you will see below, the knot is standing proud but this is exactly how it should look:

You can now carry on for as long as you want, or sort it out immediately

As the knot was loose, it should be really easy to undo and I promise your work won’t fall apart.
Undo the knot and then re-tie, making sure it is nice and tight and sits close to your work.
Don’t pull the first part of the knot too tight as it will pucker up the stitches, but it is important to pull the second part tight.

Next sew in the ends

I separate and sew each strand in separately so it is not too bulky.
Then, I sew back and forth and back again to make sure the end won’t work its way out after it has been washed.
I challenge anyone to pick out the knot once you have sewn the ends in and it really is in this picture.
Can you spot it ?
I always join this way now and this method certainly does add that professional touch to your projects.
No more worry about joining mid-round on my Granny Squares
Hope you find this useful and if you need any help, please ask.
Happy Knotting
The Crafty Co

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