Our Top 5 Handmade Christmas Creations

Thinking of having a handmade Christmas this year? Christmas is such a wonderful time to create. With more time off and festive inspiration everywhere you look, there really is no better opportunity to craft.


Christmas is our favourite time of year. With everything lit up, festive clutter everywhere you look and seasonal smells in every room it’s easy to enjoy. But, the real reason we love it so much is that Christmas creations are our favourite. The colours and chaos really do make the best kind of crafting. If you’re looking to get a little bit crafty this year, then we have everything you need. From drying oranges to full styled wreaths there is something for every crafter in our toolbox. Whether you are beginner or an expert, you can find a new way to be creative this year.


Here are our Top 5 Handmade Christmas Creations:


Handmade Christmas Crackers

Handmade Christmas crackers

We love a Christmas cracker, but we don’t always love what is inside them. By making your own, you get to decide what the surprise inside is. Another really simple creation, this one is suitable for all crafters. Plus, you don’t need a toolbox of expensive equipment to make them. All you will need is some card, scissors and glue – plus the template included for free in the blog. With our step-by-step instructions making everything clear and simple, you will wonder why you have never made your own crackers before. Chose your embellishments to fit with your very own table design and you have the perfect handmade addition to your Christmas meal.

Christmas Crochet Bottle Covers 

Crochet wine bottle covers with pine cones and dried orange slices.

Do you ever struggle to wrap up a bottle in a way that looks creative and stylish – without the paper ripping and making it obvious what’s inside? We did too. Which is why we created the perfect solution. Now, if you’ve been put off by this one by ‘crochet’ included in the title, we are here to tell you that you shouldn’t be. This design is beginner-friendly and takes a short amount of time to do. It’s the perfect starting project that will be a rewarding one too. With this pattern and step-by-step tutorial, you can give your gifts in style, or bring a taste of handmade elegance to any dinner party.

Dry Your Goods For Decor 

Dried orange slices, pine cones and fairy lights on a wooden background.

Natural Christmas decorations are in this year. From pine cones to orange slices there is probably something already in your home that is the missing piece to your decorations. With this easy step-by-step tutorial, you can add a scented addition to your decor and combat food waste at the same time. All you need is some unwanted oranges, space for them to dry and a little bit of patience. We promise the wait will be worth it when you are able to create effective decorations like these.

Easy Handmade Christmas Cone 

If you’re a crafter looking for a little bit of inspiration, look no further. These Christmas Cones are easy to create, with an effective result. In this blog, you will find free downloads of the templates you will need. There is also step-by-step instructions on how to create them. With just a couple of tools and a short amount of time, you will have handmade decorations for every surface of the house.

Crochet Covers 

Crochet Christmas Covers. Fairy lights battery pack hidden in crochet.

Festive lights really bring a house to life at this time of year. But there’s nothing worse than having the batteries on display next to them. With this easy Crochet Cover, you can hide all the unwanted packs and plugs to allow the decorations to take centre stage. The pattern is simple and with our easy guide, you will have every visible battery covered in a flash. All you need is some twine (or cotton) and a crochet needle.

Handmade Christmas Pudding Jacket 

Crochet Christmas Pudding. Red holly, white top and brown bottom. Handmade Christmas Crochet pudding.Want to bring a little bit of fun into your creations? This Christmas pudding jacket is the perfect way to do exactly that… and it just so happens to fit a Terry’s Chocolate Orange inside (the ultimate solution to not having to share). With this free C2C chart you can create this cute little addition to your decorations in your own colours and design. It’s quick to make and suitable for all levels.


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