Pom Pom Hedgehog family

How adorable is this little pom pom hedgehog family?


The little cuties have been made out of wool, using a fab little gadget – a pom pom maker. We adore these makers and they are a great addition to have in your craft stash. Quick and easy to use, you will whip up these hedgehogs in no time at all.

Adult supervision is required, once the pom poms have been made, you can let your kids imagination run wild. This activity will keep them amused for hours. All you need for this project is pom pom makers, some wool, wobbly eyes and card.

Let’s get started.

Here’s what you need



  • A pom pom maker (we love this Hobbycraft set, a bargain for £5!- we used the largest 9cm blue maker)
  • small piece of black card
  • glue (we used a clear all purpose glue)
  • scissors (these need to have a sharp point to cut the wool so adult supervision will be required)
  • wool (you can use any thickness and it’s a great way to use up all your scraps)
  • wobbly eyes (if you don’t have them you can use a piece of paper or card to make the eyes)
  • hole punch (not essential)


At The Crafty Co, we own lots of pom pom makers.

All of them are great but for this project we have chosen the Hobbycraft set


This set is a bargain at only a fiver and you get 4 different size makers.

3.5 cm diameter

5.5cm diameter

7cm diameter

9cm diameter

This range of sizes allow you to create lots of projects and they are really simple to use.

Adult supervision is advised when cutting the wool on the makers.

Here’s what you do


These pom pom makers have been designed so that they fit together perfectly. This means that they won’t slip and slide about as you are winding the wool on them. To start, make sure that you have them lined up, so each side has a set of holes and a set of bobbles on.



The bobbles go inside the holes to stop them moving about.



To create the face of the hedgehog we need to wind light brown wool on one side of the blue pom pom maker. For our tutorial we used UK double knit wool. Starting at one side, wind two strands of the light brown wool together fairly tightly around the maker. The tighter you wind the wool, the firmer the pom pom will turn out. For this project we need the pom pom to be fairly dense. This means it will be easier to get a nice shape for the hedgehogs face.



Wind it evenly one way across the winder and then back again the other way.



We don’t want to cover this side completely. Wind the wool at total of 140 times around the winder, using two strands at once. It should cover roughly 2/3 rds of this side.



Once you have covered 2/3 rds complete this side using 2 strands (one medium, and one dark brown) together. Wrap round a total of 180 times with this wool. Using two different shades of wool gives the hedgehog more depth, but don’t worry if you only have one shade of wool. Just make sure that you use 2 strands together like we have.



Don’t overfill the maker as it may break when you try and close it.

You want the wool to be in line with the top of the maker or just a little bit below.



Once you have completed the first side, it’s time to wind the 2nd side. Using just the medium and dark brown together, wind it around 320 times or until it covers this side.



Fold over the maker to close it. You will see that there are two white clips. These need to snap over the maker so that it holds it secure while you cut the strands.



Adult supervision is required for this next bit.

Using a sharp ended pair of scissors, insert them into the groove in the centre of the maker and cut all the strands along this first side. It is essential that the ends of the scissors are sharp or it will be hard to cut the strands.






Cut all the strands along the 2nd side. Don’t be tempted to remove the maker or all the cut strands will fall out.



To secure the pom pom, you will need to tie a length of yarn around the centre of the maker. It is a good idea to use a double strand here as it will allow you to pull them nice and tight. One strand tends to break easily. You could always use a cotton weight yarn as this tends to be stronger.



Once you have tied off the pom pom you can now remove the maker. Don’t be tempted to yank it out as it may break the centre tie and ruin the pom pom. Make a final check that you have cut through all the strands, undo the clips and then carefully tease the maker out.



Your pom pom is now complete. The light section will become the face. Turn the pom pom around a few times to find the best angle for the face part.



So that the hedgehog won’t fall over, trim the bottom of the bottom so that it is nice and flat.

Don’t be tempted to cut too much off or you make cut the centre securing strand.



Once you have trimmed the bottom flat, check to see if the hedgehog stands. If not, just trim some more until you have it how you want it.



To create the face we need to trim back the light brown wool. We make the hedgehog’s spikes by cutting the light wool really short. It makes the face area dense and firm. This is a good surface to stick the eyes and the nose on to. To do this we need to separate the light strands from the others. Gently tease them apart, but don’t worry about the flat bit at the bottom.



Cut the light strands only, as close to the base of the darker strands as you can without cutting through the whole pom pom. Take your time with this part as you don’t want all your hard work to go to waste. Only cut the few strands in from the darker ones.

Leave the centre section of the light brown long for the moment. We will use these to shape the snout.



You will see in the pic above that the centre strands have been left long. Starting from the bottom of the hedgehog (where the strands are longer), cut them at an angle. They should be longer near the bottom of the hedgehog and shorter towards the top of the head.



Cut a little at a time and keep checking on your progress. Don’t hack away and hope it looks ok. You won’t be able to stick the strands back on if you cut too much !




Once you are happy with the shape of the snout you can add the nose and eyes.




Using a hole punch, cut a circle out of black card.



Stick it on the end of the snout. We found an all purpose glue is good for this. It is a bit messy as you are working with a really small item.



To complete the hedgehog we need to give it some eyes. If you have some wobbly eyes, stick them in position with strong glue. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any. You can make them out of a small circle of white card, and colour in the pupil with a pen.

And there you have it – a cute little hedgehog.


How about making a WHOLE family of hedgehogs.

If you fancy having a go here is a rough guide for winding the pom poms.

  • For the mummy size hedgehog, use the Orange maker
  • Wind double strand of DK beige wool around the maker 100 times and then complete the side with a double strand (made up of one medium and one dark dark strand) wound round 75 times
  • For the 2nd side, with a double strand (made up of one medium and one  dark strand) wind it round 175 times


  • For the child size hedgehog, use the pink maker
  • Wind double strand of DK beige wool around the maker 80 times and then complete the side with a double strand (made up of one medium and one dark dark strand) wound round 50 times
  • For the 2nd side, with a double strand (made up of one medium and one  dark strand) wind it round 130 times


  • For the baby size hedgehog, use the green maker
  • Wind double strand of DK beige wool around the maker 30 times and then complete the side with a double strand (made up of one medium and one dark dark strand) wound round 20 times
  • For the 2nd side, with a double strand (made up of one medium and one dark strand) wind it round 50 times



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Happy Crafting

The Crafty Co

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