Quick and easy England Bunting

It’s certainly not all over yet, and it’s not too late to get in on the action with our England bunting and flags.

With all the buzz and hype that’s around at the moment, why not channel your energy and get the kids involved with making some super quick and easy bunting and flags.

This activity really is quick and can easily be ready in time for the big match.

All you need is some paper or card, a bit of glue and string and in no time you will have your house match ready.


Here’s what you’ll need

White card or paper

Red felt or card/paper

String or ribbon


hole punch


lolly sticks


Let’s get started!

The first thing you need to do is print off the flag and bunting templates.


There are a couple of ways you can use them.


First, you can print them just once on thick card and cut the templates out.

You can then use them to make your own designs, using whatever paper or card you want.


Or you can print them multiple times and cut them out as they are and maybe embellish them if you like.


You can find the templates here:


England Bunting Template

England Flag Template


Click on the above links and download and print your templates.

Use the thickest card your printer will take so that your bunting and flags are nice and firm.

If you don’t have any card to hand, you can use paper but it’s an idea to stick two back to back to make them thicker.

If you would like to make the mini bunting, increase the number you want to print per page in the drop down bar on the copies per page option or your printer.



Once you have printed as many copies as you like, it’s time to cut them out.


Adult supervision may be required for this.

To make the flags and bunting look neat and more professional, cut just inside the dotted line.

If you do this, then there won’t be any visible lines.


You will see there are two circles marked on each of the flags.

Using a hole punch, place it directly over the circle.


Here you can see that the circle fits inside the hole punch perfectly.

These single hole punches are great for craft projects.

We have removed the plastic bottom so we are able to see where we are punching.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a single punch, the double ones work just as well.



Punch out both circles on all your bunting flags.


We now need to attach the bunting together with string or ribbon.

We chose a nice lace ribbon to add a bit of glamour to the heart bunting.


To attach the ribbon, carefully thread it in the left hand side hole from the front, threading through to the back.

Take the ribbon along the back of the flag and pull it out the right hand side from the back to the front.


The holes have been designed so that the ribbon doesn’t show when looking from the front of the bunting, but you may want to add a bit of glue or sticky tape to make sure the ribbon stays put.



Make sure all your bunting flags are in the right position though before securing them in this way.


For the triangular bunting, we used garden twine.

You can use ribbon, wool or string, but garden twine is fairly rough so it stops the flags sliding about.


If you just want quick and easy bunting, you don’t need to do anything but hang it for all to admire.

You can add your own design if you wish and use the red lines as a guide.

Glitter card or felt adds a nice touch to the flags.

We had some sticky back felt which makes it easy to add decoration.

Cut your felt or card into strips.

2cm is a good width, just make sure you cut them a bit longer so that you can make the point and side angles nice and neat.


Stick your strip over the lines and cut off an excess.


It adds an extra dimension to your flag.


How about making your own sticky back card.

It’s super easy to do and all you need is some double sided sticky tape.

Stick strips all over the back of your card.

It’s much easier to do this before you cut your strips.

Cut your card or felt into strips and then all you need to do is remove the protective strip on your sticky tape.


Cut out as many as you need and then decorate your flags.



You can decorate each flag differently.

If you used the flag template to make blank bunting then you can get your friends to design one and string them altogether.



To make the flags, carefully cut out the flag template.

Don’t forget to cut just inside the dotted line so that the guide marks won’t show.


Fold the flag in half so that the red lines are showing once folded.

Take care to line the edges up so that the flag will look neat once finished.

You can use one of the lolly sticks to run it along the fold to make the crease crisp and neat.


Glue or use double sided sticky tape on one side of the inside of the flag.



Place a lolly stick near the crease towards the bottom of the flag.

Make sure you don’t put it too close to the bottom or the flag will be all floppy.

It’s an idea to add another bit of tape or glue next to the lolly stick.


Now stick the flag together making sure the edges line up.

Press and smooth the flag down so that the sticky tape is secure.


You can now wave your flag and cheer on your favouite team.


You can even write your own messages on the back or predict what the final score will be and write that down.


You can make the mini bunting in exactly the same way.


To make the holes for fixing, a regular hole punch will be too big.

A wool darning needle is ideal, but an adult will need to do this.

Wool or thin string is a great way to hang this mini bunting.


You can now hang them up for all to admire.

If you are hanging them outside, make sure you keep an eye on the weather as they will get ruined if it rains.


We did promise this was quick and easy, so get the kids creating.

We guarantee that in no time, your house or garden will be adorned in fab bunting.


Safety is very important with bunting or anything that has a cord.

Never hang it anywhere near fire and make sure that is out of reach of children.



So could it be that it’s really coming home?


Here at The Crafty Co, we love seeing our designs created, so please tag us in your pics.

Happy Crafting

The Crafty Co




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