Rainbow of Care

Rainbow of Care was born out of a desire to give something back to the care homes for all of their incredible efforts during this difficult time. Purchase one of the rainbow’s here and tell us where you would like the donation to go. 
With everything going on in the world right now, helplessness is an emotion that so many of us are likely to be feeling. I know that I certainly am. Heightening this emotion, I have a mother in a care home that has been closed off to visitors for over a month now. Having spent the past year visiting her every other day, crafting with her and bringing her whatever she may need, it’s natural that I feel a little lost. Truthfully, I feel as though I have no real way to help at all anymore. Many moments have been lost in thought of how I could try to make a difference to her day, in even the smallest of ways. As you can tell by this blog, I pride myself on being a creative person. But, this time, I’ve come up short in mustering the strength to make a difference.

Then I had a lightbulb (or shall we say rainbow) moment.

Or, rather my daughter did. She was taking part in an immersion day with Cat Meffan’s beautiful Soul Sanctuary, where the theme of ‘childish play’ was set. She decided she wants to do some knitting, like how she used to with her grandmother. Whilst I have found it difficult to be physically helpful during this time, I have been faithful in living out my mother’s memory every single day. From the age of 3 years old, her tiny hands were filled with huge knitting needles and even managed to work in a way that resulted in her winning knitting competitions at the age of 5. The same hands that passed down the love of knitting to me and then to my daughter. For years, the three of us have been knitting together, creating blankets made my three generations, outfits for the newborns in our families and my dear mother even had a hand in helping with our Hats for Homeless Mission a couple of years back.

Keeping her memory burning bright, whilst showing some appreciation for the unbelievable efforts of our NHS, this little rainbow creation fell into my hands. It was one of those magic crafting moments where the idea comes and you lose yourself in the creation until it’s held in your hands as a finished product. Then, whilst I was admiring my creation another thought popped into my head. Whilst I may not physically be able to help my mother right now, I can help the people that are helping her. Her carers. The appreciation of the NHS has been absolutely remarkable and completely deserved. But, what I really want is to show my appreciation to the carers that have looked after my mother every single day, separating from their own families to look after mine.

I could make a difference.

I could spend my days knitting these rainbows to place in our windows to show support. I could fulfil my mother’s legacy spending my days doing what she loved. I could hope that you lovely lot like what I have created and donate for the people that have cared for her and your own families too.

Rainbow for Care – Buy a Rainbow here

Helplessness is such a difficult emotion to face and it’s a hard one to make feel easier. But, if I can make a difference in any way I want to do so. Be that filing your homes with brightness, offering the care homes some much-needed supplies, or creating a space for you where your helplessness is understood.

The Rainbows

These rainbows are handmade to order, using the wool I have in my stockroom (and more if I can get my hands on some!). This means that no two items will be the same and you will have your own, unique knitted rainbow wall hanging. If you have a care home you would like us to donate to, or any specific requests in mind, drop us an email at thecraftyco@gmail.com and we will try our best to help you in any way we can. I will be making as fast as my hands, and hopefully, my daughters if I can rope her in too, can make and will endeavour to get your rainbow out to you as soon as possible.

Rainbow for Care – Buy a Rainbow here

I’d also love to see where you hang them, so be sure to tag @thecraftyco and use the #CraftsForCare.

All my love,

The Crafty Co

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