Rainbow Thank You

We’ve created this rainbow thank you coloring sheet for the NHS and everyone else who is making a difference right now.

With everything going on in the world right now, there is so much space for gratitude towards all the people we owe such great thanks too. So far, there’s been an outpouring of appreciation for the NHS workers for all of their dedication and sacrifice. There really will never be enough thank you’s we can offer them all.

This week, however, we want to extend our gratitude a little further.

We wanted to take time to recognise the efforts of those who may have fallen a little under the radar when it comes to receiving our thanks. The ones who are doing what they do at greater lengths, with larger sacrifices and more difficulty during this time. The ones who are ensuring that we all have the best possible quality of life, whilst maybe their own wellbeing may have been sacrificed.

That is why, this week we are showing our appreciation to the care workers who may be distanced from their families, working longer hours and having to endure enormous emotional struggles whilst offering their services to others. Or, maybe even those that are being carers in their own homes. To the emergency services who are likely to be putting themselves at greater risk every day and working much longer hours than usual. To the shop workers who are working overtime so that we have food on the table. To the cleaners that have greater importance attached to their jobs than ever before. To those working from home, facing the wrath of frustrated customers. There are so many more people helping this world keep moving so please take a moment to think of them.

But, we need your help too.

By simply downloading this colouring sheet and filling the cloud with some more people, or services, that you believe deserve a little extra gratitude during this time you can help show people that they truly are appreciated right now.


So grab your paints, pencils, glitter and get creating.

For more colouring sheets, head to our bookmark colouring sheets here

Tag us in your creations so that we can show them on our own feed to help spread the love to all of those who need it right now.

And a big thank you from us here at The Crafty Co to everyone who is helping others at this difficult time.

Stay safe

The Crafty Co


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