Scrapbook Sunday: Summer Inspiration

Nothing calls for a scrapbook quite like a summer holiday. The pictures are bright, the smiles are wide and there’s just a magical glow to the snaps.

They are wasted to only exist on social media that’s for sure.

Pictures like these need to be printed, stuck and decorated where they will be properly celebrated and remembered forever. If you’ve never even picked up a scrapbook before then don’t fear, give this a quick read first.

Luckily, that’s pretty easy to do too with an array of scrapbook accessories that are designed for travel snaps. There’s no shortage of decorative stamps and stickers, albums and journals and borders and backings that will suit your holidays snaps perfectly.

There’s almost too much to choose from. But don’t fear, we are here to help you narrow it down a little.

Here’ our favourite summer scrapbook essentials:

Firstly, the scrapbook:

There are tons of scrapbooks on the market, especially ones that are tailored towards travel. We’ve scouted them all. From Etsy’s finest to indpendent shops selling one of a kinds and this Hobbycraft one comes in above the rest. It’s super cheap (£8!), fantastic quality and the design is perfect for what we are looking for.  We opted for 12×12 for this project, but have used the smaller version as a gift and it worked great. The paper is a lovely light brown, which works well with most stickers and accessories. However, we have also changed the paper to white on a previous project (no other reason than a personal choice) and it looked just as good.

Next up, the pictures:

When the pictures are on our phones it’s super easy to decorate them easily with plenty of editing apps at our fingertips. With printed images it’s not so easy to do. If you’re looking to have a professional finish, but with a little decoration added then LaLaLab is absolutely perfect. Now, as printed pictures go they are a little pricey, so we opted for printing one per location. They look great with a landscape shot and a label of the place below. You can create lots of designs too, but we opted for plain white due to the other decorations that we would be placing around them.

Now it’s time for the decorations:

This is the bit of Scrapbooking that can get a little overwhelming. There are so many different types of decorations and styles that the decorations can take. We like to keep it simple and use three main types:


Our absolute favourites are the Project Life sets, we got ours from Hobbycraft here. (the style may a little different as they are always changing). The quality of the cards is great for the price and they come in all shapes and sizes.

They provide spaces to write, fill blank bits of the page with decoration and can even give a little insight into the picture too. Here’s some examples of how we used them, but you can be really creative with these little beauties.



These are the easiest (and probably the most enjoyable to use) scrapbook tools. There’s no end to the amazing designs you can buy and they really bring a scrapbook to life. Our favourite stickers are Mambi Stickers. They have collections for every occasion, are fantastic quality and have lasted the longest in our books. You can find the stickers below here and here and here


The project life stickers are also great for Scrapbooks. The ones below are cardboard and create a great 3D element to the book.


We could write a thousand blog posts on paper… no really you should see all the paper in our stockroom. But, luckily for this summer there is a clear winner in our favourite. Watercolours are in and for good reason. They work perfectly with Scrapbooks as they don’t draw too much attention away from the images, but instead just add a little compliment. Our favourite? Easily this paper book from Hobbycraft. It’s £10 for a book 36 pages filled with amazing designs and they are super thick too. Stick beautifully and compliment the bright shades of our holidays snaps perfectly.

And, there you have it.

The very best of you need to start getting those summer memories onto paper and treasured forever.


Get creating and be sure to tag us in your designs! #CraftyCoCreations

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