The crochet world as a beginner

Welcome to the wonderful world of Crochet

So you think you’d like to learn ?

It’s so easy to join the crochet world.

If you would like an introduction to crochet, you can purchase our guide here.

The first thing you need to do is get some wool and a hook.

With crochet, you can travel light and that’s what makes it the perfect hobby when you are on the move.


When starting out with crochet, be prepared to frog (a crochet term for unpicking – rippet rippet, get it?) If you make a mistake there are some handy tutorials to help you here and here.


You can find a beginners guide to making granny squares here.

It’s wonderful to give a handmade crochet gift as a present or even just make things for yourself. So if you fancy dipping your toes in the wonderful world of crochet, we say DO IT ….

Take a look at our beginners to get you going:

Beginners Guide: to Granny Squares

How to: crochet a heart

Granny square and flower crochet tutorial

How to do seamless joining

Easy Crochet Amigurumi Chick Pattern

How to: crochet in Rounds


Keep your eyes peeled here at The Crafty Co as we have lots of quick and easy tutorials coming soon.

We hope we have inspired you to join the crochet community and if you have decided to enter…. then a big welcome to you.


Happy Crocheting


The Crafty Co


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