Thinking of starting a bullet journal, but have no idea where to start? Here’s how to get going

writing a bullet journal

Each and every minute we spend lost in the depths of the Pinterest hole, which as crafters is a whole lot of minutes, we are constantly overcome with bullet journal envy. You know, the overlays with beautiful handwriting, inspiring images and life plans that make our own plans seem utterly disorganised. If only we could spend our spare time organising in a way that is pleasing to the eye, as opposed to our usual rushed scribble on the back of the mail.

Even as avid crafters, we have to admit that we found the concept of starting a bullet journal a little intimidating. It’s difficult to know where to start. But, like with anything, you have to start somewhere.

Thats why we set ourselves the challenge of creating a Pinterest-worthy bullet journal this month. Every few days we carved some time out of our schedules to surround ourselves with magazine clippings, coloured pens and reflective thoughts in the hope that we would be able to create some inspiring journal entries.

Fully prepared for stress, childlike creations and blank minds we set about covering the HQ with cutouts and coloured pens. What came next? We were actually left pleasantly surprised by the activity. When you see the task as creative expression, and realise that you can cover up all your mistakes with magazine clippings anyway, you see it for it’s true therapeutic expression.

writing a bullet journal

Still not convinced you have what it takes to create your own bullet journal?

Here’s everything we learned:

To-do lists seem far more manageable when they are presented nicely.

Even the act of scrawling a rushed to-do list on the back of a envelope makes us feel stressed… and that’s without taking into consideration what’s on it. Presenting everything you have to do in a way that is clear and categorised makes it feel far less erratic.

writing a bullet journal

Magazines have everything you need

The level of detail that some bullet journals seem to have makes it look as though they would be expensive to create. In truth, you can mostly make them for free. We picked up an out of date home magazine from our local coffee shop and just like that we had all the paper we needed (besides the journal itself). Make the most of blank coloured pages, inspiring objects and largely presented words and you have the base of a journal.

writing a bullet journal

Find inspiration in nature

When a leaf fell into our lap it gave us an idea. Stick it in the journal. We love autumn, so why not dedicate a page to everything we enjoy about it? Appreciation is incredibly powerful and there’s something about writing down all the things you admire that make them even more enjoyable.

writing a bullet journal

Writing helps you get to know yourself

Sometimes we can be so stuck in our own minds that we are not even really sure what’s going on inside of them. That’s where a pen and paper becomeyour best friend. Of course, bullet journals are appealing because they look lovely, but in reality, what’s written in them is far more important. Don’t get so caught up in the aesthetics that you miss out on the effectiveness of words.

writing a bullet journal

Hold yourself accountable

If we were to go by all the things we said we would do, we’d be gym addicted, pro-bakers with a high flying business that we manage in between the ten holidays we go on each year. Words come easy. Writing down your goals and checking off how effectively you’re working towards them each day helps you to actually get stuff done.

writing a bullet journal

Create a vision

Working a 9-5 job with little ‘you’ time makes it easy to forget what it is you want from life. Before you know it days, weeks and months have gone by without you even realising how much time has passed. Journaling is a great way to get you to pause, reflect and check that you’re living the life you want to live.

writing a bullet journal


Even as complete bullet journal amateurs, we were able to create some (kind of) Pinterest worthy looking journals. But, more importantly, we found it far easier than we thought we would. Plus,  the benefits were greater than we imagined. It might look intimidating, but if you give it a go you might just be surprised.






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