A roundup of Up-cycling inspiration

With the damp weather outside, we are bringing some sunshine inside and doing a spot of up-cycling. Up-cycling is a wonderful way to revamp or refresh items that you no longer love or are out of date. You may have items stashed away in your loft or you may want to decorate your house, but simply don’t have the spare cash to splash out. If you don’t have anything laying around, charity shops or reclamation yards are a great source for finding items.

The general rule I adopt when searching is, firstly do I like the design or shape? Secondly, would I have the expertise to turn it into a piece that I would be happy to have in my home?

An up-cyled vase:

I was recently looking for a vase for some silk flowers I had. To disguise the fact they weren’t real, I couldn’t have a clear glass one, as the single stem would give my secret away. I needed a solid colour one. But, I was not prepared to pay upwards of £30 for one that I would make do with and not one that bowled me over.

I am a huge fan of pearlised stones. so when I saw some in the garden centre, I knew immediately that they would be perfect for the old blue vase I had picked up. I loved the shape but it looked cheap and uninspiring but at £3.50, I couldn’t resist it. This makeover is great as all I needed was some paint, glue and the pebbles.


So with a couple of coats of white paint and some pebbles, a stunning vase was created.
 If you want to up-cyles a vase, make sure you use suitable paint for what you will using the vase for.  Mine was just for silk flowers so it only needed to be wipe clean.

Up-cycling chairs:

We were lucky enough to be gifted this chair that had been in the family for years and was a childhood memory for hubby.

This ticked both of my questions as I absolutely loved the shape and as a sewer, I knew it was within my capabilities. I gave it several coats of paint and a wax to protect it. Then, I removed the old covers and made a template from the pads. Hubby chose the fabric and “voila”…… the chair now takes pride of place in the snug.

Up-cycling tub chairs:

The chair was a purchase online and took me back to my childhood at my nans house:
I sanded everything down and glued small mosaic tiles on the top of the tables.  You can pick these up at DIY stores and they come on a square mesh so you can cut them to the size you need.  Once the glue was dry, I grouted the top – I did these with black to go with the colour of the tiles.  Be warned, this is a messy job. But, with time and patience, it gives a great effect and is really hard wearing. I then gave the tables several coats of paint and a wax to protect them.  I also stuck felt pads to the bottom of the legs so they didn’t scratch the wooden flooring
The chair was very easy to do, a quick fine sanding and two coats of spray paint. Please read the instructions when using spray paint as it needs to be done in a well-ventilated space. I then re-upholstered the chair seat and made a matching cushion.


Up-cycling large chairs:

I picked up these amazing chairs in a recycled goods centre.  I immediately fell in love with the shape and knew that although I had never tackled something this complex before, I would make sure that I would learn how to.
All the chair itself needed was a really good clean and polish.  I carefully unpicked all the cushions and used the fabric as a template. A real bonus was that I was able to re-use all the zips. I bought some on trend check fabric and although this was a challenge and took a fair amount of time, it was well worth the effort and I now have a set of two beautiful armchairs at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them already revamped


Up-cycled bedside tables:

There is something about these old bedside tables, that made it impossible for me to get rid of them. They are very solid and I love how much room there is in the drawers.


With a thorough sanding down, several coats of paint, a wax and some crystal knobs, I now have two beautiful cabinets that fit in perfectly
We all have them, don’t we? – those mahogany effect nest of tables. They are so useful, but as we have recently decorated, they simply didn’t fit in.
These are just a few of the many projects that have been completed here.
 I hope they have inspired you to have a go and create some gorgeous items to personalised your home.
Have fun and we would love to see your projects, so make sure you tag us
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