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Don't throw away your old glass bottle, upcycle it and create some rustic table chic.

With just about everywhere still shut, picnics are giving us the joy that we need right now. If we can't get to a cafe, you can be sure we will be bringing the best dining experience possible to our homes. When creating the perfect picnic table, the details are what count. Plus, they are the easiest bits to create too.

By spending hardly any money, making use of old materials that you would have thrown away and taking up a few minutes of your time you can create a Pinterest-worthy table setting that will make you forget the cafes are even shut. All you need is a an old bottle (let's be honest, in lockdown you definitely have a few!), some garden twine and a small set of fairy lights. You don't even need to be a crafter! It's that simple.

Simple, but effective.

These little bottles are the definition of turning nothing into something. An empty glass bottle suddenly becomes a rustic table piece adding character and charm. The lights then create an ambience and relaxed mood that compliments a picnic perfectly. It's the table piece you never knew you needed. If you want to see the full table set up, head to G&E to see the event this upcyle glass bottle featured in.

Here’s what you need TO UPCYCLE THE BOTTLES

  • Old bottles or jars

  • Garden twine/jute (Our choice is Natural Jute Twine from Wilko)

  • scissors

  • strong glue (you can buy this from Robert Dyas)

  • lights

Here’s what you do

The first and most important thing you need to do is thoroughly wash and dry the bottles before using them. They must be completely dry inside, so it's a good idea to prepare them well in advance of the project. Take care when using glue and make sure all children are supervised and the instructions on the tube are followed. Once you have made the bottled lights please note that they will not be waterproof. Never submerge the bottle in water, if it needs cleaning, remove the lights first then wipe over with a damp cloth.

Using a strong glue, spread a layer around the bottom edge of the bottom. Don't be tempted to add all the glue in one go. Not only will you get in a mess, but the glue may also dry before you reach it. It's better to work a small section at a time.

Wrap the twine around the bottle starting from the bottom edge of the bottle. You will be working upwards towards the neck of the bottle. Cover the section that has been glued. As the glue starts to dry, push the twine as close together as you can. This will eliminate any gaps and make the bottle look much neater.

Keep adding the glue and wrapping the twine around. Remember to push the strands together.

Continue adding glue and twine until you have reached the depth you want. The higher you go with the twine, the less the lights will show. This step is a personal choice. You may want to add some rounds in the middle of the bottle too.

Let your imagination go wild!

To hide the screw top grooves on the neck, add glue to the top of the bottle.

Add twine in exactly the same way as you did at the bottom. Go down as far as you like.

Once you have added the twine, tidy up any stray blobs of glue that may be showing. You will probably find that you can just rub it away once dried. If the lights are wound, unwind them so they are as straight as they can be. This will help the lights fall in a nice cascade when you put them in the bottle.

Thread the end of the lights in the bottle and tease them all down. They should find their own position and form an even line. Once you are happy with the lights push the cork in the top.

Your bottle light is now finished and ready to display.

They are fab as a centrepiece on your table and add a gentle glow of light. You can use any shape bottle you have and each one will be individual and unique. The best thing of all is they are super cheap to make but look fab. That's a real hit with us.

Place material right sides are together and line the straight edges up. Pin in place.

You can also recycle your old jars. And if you love crochet and want a quick and easy project, how about making these crochet JAR COVERS (Click here)

These projects are super quick, cheap and really easy, so grab your old bottles and garden twine and get upcycling.

We love seeing your creations and makes, so don’t forget to tag us #CraftyCoCreations

Happy crafting

The Crafty Co



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