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hanging macrame rope decorations

Boho Hanging Decoration Tutorial

These super cute decorations are made from old curtain rings, cords and large holed beads and are super quick and easy to make.

Although they have been made with Christmas in mind, they can be used all year round.


what's needed to make macrame decorations
  • rope or twine (for curtain ring)

  • twine (for hanger)

  • old curtain rings

  • large holed beads

  • scissors


The length of rope or twine required will vary, depending how big the curtain hook is. As a rough guide, a ring with an inner diameter of 6cm, and an outer diameter of 8cm, will need approximately 270cm of macrame rope. You will need a longer length if using garden twine, as it is thinner and will be wound round the curtain ring more times.

Select a length of twine or macrame rope and fold it in half to find the centre.

Lay the centre point under the ring, so that the rope is each side of the eyelet. If the ring doesn't have an eyelet, don't worry where you place it around the ring.

making a macrame decoration

Pull the ring through the centre to secure the rope.

attaching macrame rope to ring

Separate the two strands, making sure they lay flat and are not twisted.

laying the rope flat on the ring

*The rope is added anti clockwise first. Place the left hand piece of rope on top of the ring, so that it creates a loop, above the outer edge of the ring.

creating a loop for macrame decoration

Place the end of the rope into the middle, then under the ring and through the loop just created.

creating first loop on macrame decoration

Pull the end through, making sure to pull it extra tight once it's all the way through.*

adding the rope to the first half of the ring

Repeat from * to * until you reach the middle at the bottom. This is the first side complete.

The technique is the same for the other side but the method is slightly different. It is now added in a clockwise direction. **Place the rope at the back of the ring this time, to create the loop.

working clockwise on the macrame decoration

Pull the end of the rope up through the centre of the ring, then feed it through the loop. Pull it all the way though as you did for the other side, making sure it's tight.**

creating the macrame decoration

Repeat from ** to ** until you reach the bottom, and the two sides meet. Separate the strands to reduce bulk.

securing the macrame decoration

Tie the two inner strands to secure the sides together.

securing the two sides of macrame decoration

The strands can be left as they are, but I like to brush them to give a feathery effect. Trim the ends so they are neat and even.

adding ends to the macrame decoration

Cut a length of garden twine, fold it in half and thread it through the eyelet.

adding hanging loop to macrame decoration

Thread the loose ends through the loop and pull up tight to secure.

hanging loop on macrame decoration

If you don't have an eyelet on the ring, use a large eye darning needle to thread the twine though the top loop of the rope. If you want to thread a bead on on the twine, do it now.

Then tie the ends of the two strands, to create the hanging loop.

If you don't have any macrame rope, you can use garden twine or wool. A great chance to use up any oddments you have laying around.

using up oddments for hanging decorations

We love seeing your creations so don’t forget to tag us in your makes #CraftyCoCreations

Happy crafting

The Crafty Co



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