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England bunting and flags

This bunting is ideal for any party. It's quick and simple to create.

If you fancy having a go at making some, below is a step-by-step picture tutorial.


what you need to make England bunting and flag

  • red felt or card

  • glue/sticky tape

  • scissors

  • white card

  • lolly sticks

  • hole punch

  • string or ribbon

  • flag template


Download the Bunting and Flag templates below

***Please note flag template is slightly different to one shown in the blog post***

Download PDF • 190KB

Download PDF • 180KB

Feel free to print them as many times as you wish. A helpful tip is to use the thickest card that your printer can handle.


To keep the bunting simple or to add decorations, print them once, cut out, and then use it as a template to trace onto your preferred card or fabric.

After printing them, make sure to cut them out with caution.


cutting out bunting

Punch holes each side of the bunting where indicated.

punching holes in bunting

Top tip - Line the hole punch so the circle is visible and centered, before punching the hole.

hole punching bunting

Punch out both sides on all bunting flags.

England bunting

You can use wool string or ribbon to thread the bunting.

threading ribbon through bunting
  1. Thread your chosen cord through the left side hole, from front to back.

  2. Pass it behind the back of the bunting.

  3. Thread through the right side hole from back to front.

thread cord through bunting

This is the back view.

securing cord on bunting

You can secure the back cord with glue or a piece of tape.

securing bunting

This stops the bunting moving along the cord. Only secure them once they are in the right position.

securing back of bunting

The triangular bunting was threaded using garden twine.

triangle flag bunting

You can leave the bunting as they are or add red felt or card to accentuate the lines.

Cut strips 2cm wide and long enough to fit the length and width of the flags.

adding embellishments to bunting

Stick the strip over the red line and cut off any excess.

adding stripes on bunting

The completed bunting.

finished bunting
bunting hanging on wall

To make the flags, cut round them carefully, again ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED.

Please note flags are slightly different to those shown in the picture below.


Fold the flag in half, making sure the edges line up.

folding card to make flags

Apply glue or double sided tape to one side of the inside of the flag.

adding glue to card to make flag

Place a lolly stick near the crease, not too close as it will be harder to line the edges up when you fold it.

Don't place the stick too low or the flag will be floppy.

Add more tape or glue on the top edge of the stick (only the part inside the card).

adding stick to flag

Carefully line the edges up and close the flag.

folding flag

Make as many flags as you like.

lots if England flags

If using them for a football match, how about adding a message on the back or predict the final score.

writing on back of flags

You could also make mini ones. Set the printer to print four on the same page.

printing multiple flags

If making mini ones, the hole punch won't be suitable as the holes will be too big. A wool darning needle is great for making holes and threading string through.


making mini bunting

How cute do these look?

mini bunting

I added paper strips to these ones to make the lines stand out more. If making this small bunting, reduce the width of the red paper strip as 2cm will be too wide. However this is a personal choice and you can make yours any width you prefer.

mini flag bunting

We hope you have fun making your bunting and flags, and we love seeing your creations and makes, so don’t forget to tag us @thecraftyco

Have fun

Happy Crafting

The Crafty Co



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