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Christmas hat decoration

Mini Hat Decoration Tutorial

Can you believe this adorable hat started out as a toilet roll and oddments of wool. They are super quick and easy to make.


  • oddments of yarn

  • old toilet roll inner

  • ruler

  • pen or pencil

  • scissors

  • wool darning needle (optional)


Place a ruler on the roll and measure along the width of the toilet roll, marking 1.5cm intervals, with a pen or pencil.

marking a toilet roll holder

For the next step, you will find it easier to flatten the toilet roll slightly. Then cut the roll at the marked points, to create 1.5 cm rings.

cutting the strips on the roll

Carefully tease the segments back, to form a circle.

Strands of yarn are now wrapped around each segment to make one hat. How long the strands are will depend on the thickness of yarn. I used UK double knit (green yarn) and UK aran (blue yarn) and cut mine 11 inches long. They were a bit longer than needed, but will be cut to size later. I used an A4 piece of thick card as a template to cut the strands. Wrap the yarn round and round the card. Only do a few at a time so that you don't waste any wool. You can always cut more if needed.

cutting strands for hat

Cut through the yarn at both the top and the bottom edges of the card, to form 11 inch strands. Select one strand and fold in half.

adding yarn to ring

Thread both ends through the centre of one ring.

threading yarn through ring

Pull the ends up over the ring and thread through the yarn loop. Pull them tight so that the yarn is wrapped neatly round the toilet roll strip.

adding yarn to roll

Continue adding the strands of yarn in this way. I wanted a striped hat, so added three yarns of the same yarn, then changed to the next colour, and again added three strands. You can use any colour you like to create your hat. A multi coloured one would look fab and is the perfect opportunity to use up yarn oddments.

adding last strands to toilet roll

Once all the strands have been added, push them all through the centre of the ring. You will see that the little knots on the yarn are now at the bottom of the rim.

pushing strands through roll

The next step is optional but will add shape to the hat as it is secured. Scrunch up some kitchen roll to from a loose ball. (half a square of paper should be enough) Gently push it through the ring.

Using a double strand of yarn, create a round hat shape and tie the yarn around, making sure it is secure.

stuffing the hat

Trim the excess yarn at the top of the hat so that is creates a Pom Pom. You can leave it fairly long to form a loose pom, or you can trim it to make a smaller, firmer pom.

Make sure you don't trim off the strands you used to tie the hat, as this is used to hang the hat. Carefully remove the paper.

To centralise the strand, thread the ends of the yarn through a wool darning needle and push up through the centre of the Pom Pom.

creating the Pom Pom shape on hat

Knot the ends of the yarn to create a hanging loop. Your hat is now finished and ready to hang.

christmas hat decoration

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Happy crafting

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